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Have You Recently Been Injured at Work? 

Don’t make these common mistakes. 

Failing to tell your employer that you’ve been hurt.

Often times, you might think the injury will get better on it’s own, so you never tell your employer you’ve been hurt.  If you don’t tell your employer, you could lose any rights you have to a Worker’s Compensation claim. If you’re concerned that you waited too long, call us at (262) 785-9400 for a free consultation.


Failing to tell your doctor that you’ve been hurt at work. 

Has your employer put pressure on you to not tell your doctor that you’ve been hurt at work? If so, don’t give in.  Tell your doctor you were hurt at work and get the medical treatment you need. If wait too long to tell your doctor, you will give your employer’s Worker’s Compensation company a reason to deny your claim and not pay for your treatment.


Failing to see a lawyer after you receive an IME (Independent Medical Exam) notice from your employer’s insurance carrier.

In an IME, the insurance company will choose a doctor they already know will deny your claim. These denials fall into three general areas.First, your injury didn’t happen at work, but is the result of a pre-existing condition that is not work related.Second, you are fully recovered from your injury, as of the date the doctor sees you…even though YOUR doctor says your injury is permanent.

Third, if you have a permanent injury, it is not as severe as your doctor says. If you have already received an “IME” report, your case is not over but you probably need a Worker’s Compensation lawyer to help you. We can help you understand your rights and secure the medical care and benefits for lost wages to which you are entitled.

If you receive an IME notice, the insurance company is getting ready to deny your claim. If you receive a notice like this, you should immediately call us for a free case evaluation. We will explain what you should do and what you must NOT do when you go to the IME appointment.

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