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Have your rights been violated through Consumer Fraud/Misrepresentation or Insurance Company Bad Faith?

 Consumer Fraud/Misrepresentation

  • If you purchased a product from a business and they made promises to you to close the deal that turned out to be false, you may have a claim for misrepresentation.
  • If you hired a business who promised to deliver a service, but they did not follow through on their promises, Wisconsin’s Consumer Protection Statues could help you get your money back. Contact us for a free consultation where attorney Lisko can explain your rights under Wisconsin law.If a company offers a settlement that is not satisfactory, or if they refuse to offer you any kind of settlement, then it’s time to hire a lawyer.

    Consumer Fraud claims can fall under a variety of situations from auto repair to home improvement claims, vacation and time share scams and more. We are happy to discuss your situation and give you the individual care you deserve.

Insurance Company Bad Faith

  • If you have a claim that your insurance company refuses to pay, the company may be guilty of Bad Faith. Bring us your policy along with any letters you’ve received, and together we can discuss whether you have a claim we can help you with.Time limits in these cases are often controlled by what’s in your policy, so do not delay. You should seek legal advice from a qualified consumer protection & fraud attorney right away.